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The financial expertise your business needs to grow

What we do

Purple solutions are specialists in sourcing and matching the right financial expertise for your business

Whether you need strategic savvy, operational know-how or reliable day-to-day business support, we work with you to find the perfect fit for your company and commercial goals.

Specialist in sourcing and matching

How we do it

A partnership based on knowledge, understanding and experience

You may be surprised to learn that putting a candidate forward is the last thing we do. That’s because first, we conduct a full and thorough audit of your finance department and team to gain an in-depth understanding of how you work. Only then can we deliver a solution which brings together working practices and strategic goals to ensure maximum value for your business.

Large or small across every sector

Who we do it for

Helping every type of company reach its goals

Large or small and across every sector, we work in tandem with companies to provide a proven package of analysis, advice and skill sets. Part-time or full time, we’re with you at each step of the way to give your business every chance of success. Unlike many similar organisations, we’re here for the long haul to provide all the support you need to get your business where you want it to be.

Working in tandom with your company

Our expertise

Profit from more than 70 years experience

With combined business experience of over 70 years, the founders at Purple Solutions are able to offer a service based on solid foundations. Having worked with countless business models and types, there’s not much we haven’t seen before. Whilst that doesn’t mean an off-the-peg solution, it does mean we know what works and just as importantly, what doesn’t. When we blend that knowledge with insights into your individual business, it becomes a powerful force for growth.

Offering a service based on solid foundations

What our clients say

We're not happy until all our clients are happy

  • “We’re not yet big enough to hire a full time Financial Director – but we still wanted the best expertise available from someone who also fitted with the way we work. Purple Executive Solutions understood our brief to the letter and delivered the perfect person for the role.”

    “Instead of paying a small fortune to outsource our management accounts, Purple Executive Solutions provided us with someone who could do the job in-house on a part-time basis. As well as saving money, we’ve also got great advice, experience and expertise on tap.”

    “Running the business was taking up all my time and I needed someone who could stand back, see the bigger picture and look for new ways of funding growth. Purple Executive Solutions took the time to get to know me and my company so were able to recommend an FD with exactly the expertise we needed.”

  • “Cash-flow management was becoming a problem area for us with late payers and invoicing queries. The company had also grown quickly and we needed someone who could help us get to the next stage. Purple Executive Solutions was able to provide someone who could do the hands-on tasks and also provide invaluable non-executive advice.”

    “We needed advice and guidance on raising funds for a management buyout, as it was something none of the team had been directly involved with before. From the get-go, Purple Executive Solutions inspired absolute trust and confidence, matching us with an FD who had in-depth MBO experience and a wealth of business knowledge too. He was crucial to a successful outcome, acting as guide, mentor and sounding board at every stage.”

    “As our business had developed, the systems we had in place had become severely over-stretched. We needed someone who could identify which new systems were needed and deliver the relevant training to our team. If, along the way, they could advise on dealing with external organisations – such as banks and auditors – that would be helpful too. Purple Executive Solutions ticked all those boxes and a few more besides.”

  • “With targets to hit in order to trigger a buyout, we needed an organised financial strategy that would take us through the next three to five years. Whilst we were profitable, our budgeting and financial framework needed improving to keep us on target. On top of that, we needed specialist guidance on exit planning. It was a tall order, but the FD who Purple Executive Solutions provided was absolutely on the money!”

    “Previously we had used accountants for advice, but we didn’t know the right questions to ask to get the best value from them. Instead, the FD from Purple Executive Solutions began by asking us about our business so he could understand what we did and where we wanted to be. That way he was able to put in place the systems and practices we needed for long term profitability.”

    “A new senior member of our team suggested we may benefit from a more strategic and structured approach to the way our company finances were managed. There was already a need for improved internal controls so we briefed the team at Purple Executive Solutions. To say we were amazed at the result is understating things. The FD we use on a part-time basis has not only transformed the way we structure our finances, he’s also provided a wealth of business insight.”

  • “My business partner took care of the financial side of things – so when they left, I needed expert help and quick. I also thought it might be a good time to get a fresh perspective on the way we did things. Purple Executive Solutions were recommended to me and I’m so glad they were. My new FD introduced a streamlined time-saving payroll system, secured a bigger overdraft from the bank and took care of some VAT and tax problems I’d been struggling with. On top of that, he’s made finance a lot easier to understand for me, so I have a much better appreciation of where the business is going.”

Start the journey today

Every journey begins with a single step

By getting in touch with Purple Solutions today, you can be assured of a travelling companion who will be there at every stage of your company’s journey. Sometimes a guide. Sometimes an advisor. Always a partner you can rely on through good times and bad to provide the help you need to get to your destination.

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